The Pigeon's Bride

A vis dev personal project that I'm developing off and on based off a Yugoslavian tale.

A Little Princess

A Steampunk version of A Little Princessa novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Published in 1905, this story is about Sara Crewe, who arrives at a boarding school for young girls, but is forced to be a maid after her father died. Sara keeps up her good spirits despite what has happened, and is rewarded in the end.


Maldona and the Puma

I did the following illustrations based off a Argentina folktale, Maldona and the Puma.   Maldona leaves her village and ventures into the jungle after hearing an animal's painful cries.  She bravely enters a cave, and helps the puma she finds.  In return, the puma protects her later in the story.

A collection of character designs, environment designs and various pieces - most are based on prompts.  Click on an image and hover your mouse over it to reveal information about the piece!

Character Designs

Environment Designs