Sketches and other miscellaneous goodies.  For the more & most recent sketches, you can go to my sketchblog at or instagram @stephanieburtner



Inktobers (2016)

Inktobers (2015)

To see all 31 inktobers from 2015, please go to: My sketchblog archive from October 2015. This year, I chose to keep everything under a fall or Halloween theme.


Inktobers (2014) 

To see all of my Inktobers: my sketchblog archive from October. I followed a Halloween Prompt challenge for most of the days.  Click the image and hover your mouse over it to see what the tools used were and what the the word prompt was for the day. 


Here are exploratory thumbnails, WIPS, and sketches for vis dev or theme park projects or other miscellaneous items.  Currently, sketches from Exoteric Excursion, an Astra attraction, are here as well as environment & character sketches from a visual development concept in Ancient Hawaii.


For cafe sketches and other sketches from life, please view my Studies page!